Benjamin Graham

updated 14 Feb 2023

Benjamin Graham was an American economist, professor, and investor who is widely considered the "father of value investing". He was born in 1894 and passed away in 1976.

He is best known for his investment philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of buying undervalued companies and holding them for the long-term. He argued that investors should focus on the intrinsic value of a company, rather than its stock price, and that by buying companies at a discount to their intrinsic value, investors could generate significant returns over time.

Graham is also known for his book "Security Analysis", which he co-wrote with David Dodd in 1934. The book is widely considered to be a classic in the field of investing and is still widely read and referenced today. He also wrote "The Intelligent Investor" which is considered a bible for value investors.

In addition to his work as an investment advisor and author, Graham was also a professor at Columbia Business School, where he taught Warren Buffett and many other successful investors. He is widely considered to be one of the most influential figures in the history of investing and his investment philosophy continues to be widely followed today.

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