Bill Ackman

updated 07 Feb 2023

Bill Ackman is an American Investor and the CEO of the hedge fund Pershing Squares Holding. He is considered a value investor and has regularly referenced how Warren Buffet "is the greatest investor" for his 60 year track record and very little leverage. Ackman is best known for shorting 1 Billion worth of Herbal Life stock, calling it a pyramid scheme. One of his best early investment's was his investment in the retail department store Alexanders. He realized the company was likely to go out of business and that the stock was trading well below the how much all Alexander's existing real estate was worth. Ackman tripled his money. Ackman is considered an activist investor, meaning he looks for companies that are being terribly mis managed, where he can afford a controlling stake in the company, and go in and change the management strategy, in order to improve the share price.

Net Worth

3.5 Billion

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