Dharmesh Shah

updated 06 Jun 2023

Dharmesh Shah is an entrepreneur and the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing and sales software company. He is also a popular blogger and speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship and marketing. He was an early investor in Coinbase, Dropbox and a number of other companies. He is also an avid collector of Domain names and owns 100's of domains. He also created a wordle clone that allowed unlimited plays called wordplay.com that was earning close the $90,000 a month before turning off ads. He turned the ad's off since it was just an experiment he wanted to do with his son on building something and putting it out to an audience. He is an avid listener of and semi regular guest on My First Million. His connection to the podcast is that HubSpot acquired co-host of MFM Sam Parr's news letter "The Hustle". Dharmesh is believer in the Time vs Money Framework.



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