Golf is Not a Game of Perfect | By Bob Rotella

updated 09 Aug 2023

"Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" is a popular golf psychology book written by Dr. Bob Rotella, a sports psychologist. The book focuses on the mental aspect of the game of golf and offers insights and strategies to help golfers improve their performance by managing their thoughts, emotions, and attitudes on the course. It's well-regarded in the golf community and has been praised for its practical advice on how to handle pressure, stay focused, and maintain a positive mindset while playing golf. If you're a golfer looking to enhance your mental game, it's definitely worth a read!

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect | By Bob Rotella

Key Insights

The Mind of the Golfer - Golf is a mental game; the mind has a significant impact on performance. - Focus on the process, not the outcome. - Confidence and self-belief are crucial for success.

How to Conquer Your Fears - Overcoming fear of failure and fear of success is essential. - Visualization and positive self-talk can help manage fear and anxiety. - Develop routines to create a sense of control.

How to Develop a Consistent Pre-Shot Routine - Pre-shot routines create consistency and focus. - Engage in deliberate practice to refine your routine. - Visualization and self-assurance are key components.

How to Get Beyond the Range - Effective practice is about simulating on-course situations. - Focus on target-oriented practice rather than just hitting balls. - Learn to transfer skills from the practice range to the course.

Train It and Trust It - Train your swing and trust it when on the course. - Overthinking can lead to poor performance; trust your training. - Confidence in your abilities is vital for success.

The Ten Commandments for Tournament Play - Maintain a positive attitude during tournaments. - Focus on execution, not results. - Embrace challenges and enjoy the competition.

How to Build Confidence That Lasts - Confidence comes from preparation and positive thinking. - Success breeds confidence; build on past achievements. - Focus on strengths and use past successes as building blocks.

How to Putt Like a Champion - Putting is about feel and confidence. - Develop a consistent putting routine. - Visualization and commitment are crucial for successful putting.

How to Take Your Range Game to the Course - Learn to transition from practice to actual play. - Maintain a confident mindset during rounds. - Focus on process-oriented goals rather than outcome.

How to Love the Game When You Don't Have Time to Play - Enjoying golf doesn't always require long hours on the course. - Mental rehearsal and positive thinking can keep you engaged. - Maintain a strong mental connection to the game even with limited play time.

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