How Army Jungle Soldiers Are Training For A Possible War With China | Insider Business

updated 14 Jun 2023

The Army's Jungle Operations Training Course is depicted in the provided excerpt. The training is focused on preparing soldiers for potential warfare in challenging jungle environments, particularly in light of the perceived threat posed by China. The course takes place on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, where the dense jungle provides an ideal training ground.

The training begins with 80 students, but only 51 will successfully complete the 12-day course and earn the prestigious jungle tab. Throughout the training, students face rigorous tests and must survive a three-day culminating exercise in the jungle. The instructors refer to the students by their assigned roster numbers rather than their names.

The excerpt also highlights the dangers and difficulties of operating in the jungle. Students learn that approximately 50% of everything in the jungle is potentially dangerous, including wildlife and plants. Visibility is limited, and movement requires slow and methodical approaches.

Some students are dropped from the course for various reasons, such as failing critical tests or not having the required items on the packing list. However, these vacancies are filled by students on the waitlist. The narrative includes snippets of conversations with instructors and students, revealing their motivations for joining the Army and their determination to overcome the challenges of jungle training.

How Army Jungle Soldiers Are Training For A Possible War With China | Insider Business

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