I tried using AI. It scared me.

updated 19 Mar 2023

I tried using AI. It scared me.

Tom Scott goes into the parallels of early internet and early technology adoption curves and where we are on that adoption curve with AI. He was attempting to fix his email. He hated the gmails label system. He wanted to backup his emails in folders. He had been doing this for decades, but noticed a problem recently, that emails were being dropped. He decided he should code a fix...

He decided he should use chatGPT to try and generate the code, just out of curiosity. Tom had recently made a video about how computers still don't fully understand text, it couldn't possible handle this type of task. But it did it....

Tom says that he is completely unsure where we are on the sigmoid curve for this technology. Are we at the end, are we in the middle. Tom has a small feeling of dread that this is Napster and not Spotify in the sigmoid technology curve, and that drastic changes are going to come to our world, and we cannot even predict how it will change, and how fast it will change.