Introduction to Generative AI

updated 17 Aug 2023

In this introduction to the course on Generative AI, Dr. Gwendolyn Stripling from Google Cloud explains the course's content. It covers the definition of generative AI, its workings, model types, and applications. She contrasts AI with machine learning, highlighting that AI deals with creating intelligent agents, while machine learning is a subset of AI where models learn from input data. Supervised and unsupervised machine learning are explained, with supervised models making predictions based on labeled data, and unsupervised models discovering patterns and clusters in unlabeled data.

Introduction to Generative AI

Key Concepts in Generative AI

Distinguishing Generative AI: Understanding Outputs, Learning Processes, and Capabilities

Understanding Generative AI: Models, Processes, and Applications

"Leveraging Generative AI with Vertex AI: Tools and Applications"