Is 1984 Becoming a Reality | George Orwell's Warning to the World | Academy of Ideas

updated 21 Aug 2023

George Orwell's foresight into the rise of totalitarian dictatorships and their impact on freedom of thought serves as a foundation for exploring the resonances between his novel "1984" and real-world political contexts. As Umberto Eco notes, much of what Orwell depicted is rooted in history rather than just negative Utopian imagination. This video delves into the parallels between 20th-century totalitarian systems and Orwell's work, revealing how these traits are resurfacing in modern times. The investigation acknowledges that totalitarianism thrives on mass support, emphasizing the importance of citizens withdrawing their endorsement for this oppressive rule.

Is 1984 Becoming a Reality? - George Orwell's Warning to the World

Orwell's 1984 in Today's Society