Lex Fridman and Andrew Huberman | Round 4

updated 18 Aug 2023

Andrew Huberman, who is making his fourth appearance on the podcast. The episode was recorded on Lex's birthday, with Andrew flying to Austin to celebrate and have an impromptu podcast conversation. Lex expresses gratitude for good friends, support, and life itself, and introduces Andrew Huberman as the guest for the episode.

Andrew Huberman: Relationships, Drama, Betrayal, Sex, and Love | Lex Fridman Podcast #393

Andrew Huberman's Exercise Routine

Advice to Younger Self

Jungian Shadow

Betrayal and Loyalty, to Oneself and Others


  1. Attraction to Drama and Human Psychology:

  2. Different Drives and Personalities:

  3. Shakespearean Drama and Life Stages:

  4. Spiritual and Personal Growth:

  5. Acknowledging Higher Powers:

  6. Humility and Self-Improvement:

  7. Benefits of Prayer:

  8. Sharing Knowledge for Well-Being:

Chimp Empire

  1. Subconscious Mind and Raw Emotions:

  2. Fear of Weakness and Displays of Vigor:

  3. Primate Behavior and Social Hierarchy:

  4. Social Affiliation and Grooming:

  5. Strategies for Ascendancy:

  6. Complexity in Primate Behavior:

  7. Advanced Contracting of Behavior:

Overt vs Covert Contracts

  1. Overt vs. Covert Contracts:

  2. Covert Contracts Lead to Problems:

  3. Examples of Covert Contracts:

  4. Chimp and Human Relationships:

  5. Relationships and Contracts:

  6. Trust and Cynicism:

  7. Resolving Flaws and Change:

  8. Valuing Overt Relationships:

Age and Health

  1. Circadian Rhythms and Aging:

  2. Personal Experience with Aging:

  3. Training Approach for Better Health:

  4. Balancing Fitness and Avoiding Injury:

  5. Sport vs. Fitness:

  6. Challenges of Getting Hurt:

  7. Saying No and Training Safely:

  8. Injury Prevention Strategies:

  9. Learning from Injuries:

Sexual Selection

  1. Nature's Colorful Displays:

  2. Natural Selection vs. Sexual Selection:

  3. Intraspecies Competition and Choice:

  4. Examples of Sexual Selection:

  5. Covert Contracts in Animal Behavior:

  6. Symbiosis Between Traits and Reproduction:

  7. Evolution of Behavioral Circuits:

  8. Genetic Mutations and Adaptation:

  9. Choosing Mates Wisely:


  1. Building Relationships:

  2. Learning from Successful Relationships:

  3. Friendship as the Core:

  4. Taking It Slow:

  5. Tackling Difficult Conversations:

  6. Seeking Joy and Peace:

  7. Choosing Partners Wisely:

  8. Mutual Adoration:

  9. The Feeling of Love:

  10. Constructing Love Over Time:

  11. Navigating Breakups and Grief:


  1. Fertility and Gender Selection:

  2. Sexual Position and Fertilization:

  3. Age and Gender Probability:

  4. IVF and Genetic Screening:

  5. Sexual Health and Dysfunction:

  6. Shift in Sexual Health Discussions:

  7. Hormonal Issues and Desire:

  8. Productivity and Research:


  1. Productivity and Research:

  2. Challenges in Podcasting:

  3. Research Process:

  4. Daily Routine and Focus:

  5. Balancing Work and Life:

  6. Creative Process and Learning:

  7. Embracing the Pioneer Role:

  8. Learning and Teaching:

  9. Distraction and Focus in Relationships:

  10. Balancing Peace and Focus:

  11. Simplicity and Inner Peace:


  1. Loss and Grief:

  2. The Beauty of Letting Go:

  3. Supernatural Experience:

  4. Love and Bond with a Pet:

  5. Finding Love Again:

  6. Barbara's Impact:

  7. Desire for Parenthood:

  8. Joy of Parenthood:

  9. Impact of Children:

  10. Appreciation and Love:

  11. Closing Quote:

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there's something stronger – something better, pushing right back."

- Albert Camus