MrBeast | Lex Fridman Podcast

updated 01 Aug 2023

Lex Fridman interviews Geniuses in Mathmatics, Physics, Psychology, and Politics, and MrBeast, while not working in any of those fields, is nothing short of Genius. He is pioneering what ultra success on youtube looks like and Lex does an incredible job of taking a tour of his brain and the genius behind what it takes to make a 100 million view youtube video.

MrBeast | Future of YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram | Lex Fridman Podcast

1 billion views and 1 billion subscribers


Improving YouTube:


Comparison with YouTube

Brand Deals

Audience Retention


Training and Developing Style:

Cloning MrBeast's Style:

Talking to the Camera:


Common Vision:

Brainstorming and Content Ideas

Giving Away Money and Click-Through Rates

Collaboration and Sharing Knowledge

TikTok and Content Innovation:

Teaching Content Creation and Generating Ideas:

Business Growth and Firing:

Advice for Beginners

Generating Ideas and Doability

Advice for Established Channels

How to grow on Youtube

Elon Musk and Twitter

10 Million Dollars vs 10 Million Subscribers

Going to Antarctica

Process of Making a Video

Overcoming Depression

Building a Business

MrBeast Burger and Feastables

Creating Video Games

On Making Billions of Dollars

Money vs Happiness

Mental Health