Oldest Shark in the World

updated 13 Jun 2023

A recent discovery by researchers reveals an ancient Greenland shark in the North Atlantic believed to be 512 years old, possibly making it the oldest living vertebrate. These sharks have a distinct appearance with a long, thick gray body, small head, rounded snout, and ghostly eyes. They often suffer from worm-like parasites attached to their eyes. The study by marine biologist Julius Nilsson and his team focused on an 18-foot Greenland shark estimated to be at least 272 years old, with the potential to be 512 years old. These sharks have a slow metabolism and inhabit cold waters, which likely contribute to their longevity. Researchers have developed a method to predict the age of Greenland sharks by analyzing the lens and cornea of their eyes. The growth rate of these sharks allows scientists to estimate their age based on their size, with this particular shark measuring 18 feet and weighing over a ton. Its estimated birth year is 1505, making it older than Shakespeare and one of the world's oldest animals. The discovery raises questions about life expectancy and genetics across species, including humans.

Oldest Shark in the World | 512 Year old Shark