Pyzel Astro Pop

updated 28 Jun 2023

The Pyzel Astro Pop is a high performance fish. It is a refined version of the Pyzel Astro, which is a more traditional fish. The board is an excellent groveler, but footage of Koa Smith riding 5'4" in smaller north shore conditions indicates it can also be ridden in chest to overhead surf.

Koa Smith on 5'4" Astro Pop at baby Pipeline

The board is highly versatile, the fish outline makes it great for groveling, but the refined nose and tail, combined with 5 fin setup allow for more performance. Ride it as a twin when groveling, or a quad or thruster when your looking for more performance in better waves. Koa road it as a quad and it looked like it was ready for lift off, and could truly drive down the line, but preferred it in the thruster setup for more top to bottom turning.

Pyzel built with the quad setup in mind, and submitted a 5'8" quad to the electric acid surfboard test with Noa Deane.

Noah Deane on 5'8" Astro Pop for Electric Acid Surfboard Test

"You pick this one up, and your like, oh yea this ones gunna go,...There's nothing crazy going on, which I back...aesthetically is just looks good, and usually if it looks good its gunna go good....I mean you can't really go wrong, that's what I thought when I picked up the board, this boards gunna go" from Noa when talking about the astro pop.

Ivan Florence riding an AstroPop at the Wedge

Noel Salas of Surf n' Show road a 5'3" astro pop in both epoxy and pu with every fin sets up you could imagine at Trestles and Waco Wavepool. Noel is a known "quad guy" but enjoyed the 2+1 fin setup the best. It seems that setup is ideal for the less than average waves because of it's looseness and speed.

Surf n' Show Pyzel Astro Pop