Ryan Burch

updated 20 Jul 2023

Ryan Burch is a Surfboard Shaper and Surfer based out of San Diego California. He is known for his alternative surfboard design, but can also shape a traditional, yet high performance twin, longboard or glider. He won the Electric Acid Surfboard Test with Dane Reynolds with a twin fin pickle fork design. The design, as well as his twin fins and long boards were heavily featured in Bryce Youngs "The Fall Line".

Ryan's surfing in Volcom's Psychic Migrations on a rainbow fish he shaped and glassed himself while filming in New Zealand influenced many future shapers and surfers. Surfers such as Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Josh Kerr and Taj Burrow all mentioned being influenced by Ryan's surfing in the film. Twin Fins basically went mainstream following the film. The down the line speed coupled with incredible looseness showcased ryan's lazy yet effective style, which was a site for sore eyes for a surf community inundated by endless thruster pumping.

Speed Vs Control, Doing the Fish Justice, Asyms and Meeting Bryce Young

Simple but groundbreaking thoughts on surfboard design by surfer/shaper/iconoclast, Ryan Burch.