SVB Signature Bank and Silvergate Purposefully Collapsed to Crush Crypto

updated 15 Mar 2023

Kim Iversen: SVB, Signature Bank and Silvergate Were PURPOSEFULLY Collapsed In Order To CRUSH Crypto

Kim Iversen reports the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, Signature Bank, and Silvergate were purposefully collapsed in order to weaken the crypto Market. The title of that video is false and misleading. There was nothing intentional about the collapse, and it was the fault of SVB in making risky investments and not having sufficient Capital on hand to prevent a bank run. Although, the efforts by the FDIC to block the Sale of SVB were intentional, and may have been in an attempt to slow the strength of crypto. The irony is that it had the reverse effect, since these Banks collapsing weakened trust in traditional institutions and encouraged to depositor to move there money over to BTC and other assets.