Shaan Puri

updated 22 Jan 2023

Shaan Puri is an entrepreneur, podcast host, news letter writer, and twitter thread boi. He is most known for his Twitter account @ShaanVP and his podcast My First Million hosted with Sam Parr. He is also the founder of Milk Road, a daily newsletter to help you learn the latest about Crypto. Shaan prides himself on his framework's that he uses to think about problems, and his ability to share those ideas on the MFM podcast and on twitter. He has been a critic of "small boy stuff" and "small boy thinking". He is also the owner of an e-commerce company that he has yet to disclose what it is.

Milk Road Acquisition

Breaking: Shaan Sold Milk Road, a conversation with the buyers

How Milk Road Went from 0 to $1 million in 6 months


Being the host of a podcast that is patently up front about figures, sales, and business ideas and concepts, Shaan has not disclosed what his e-commerce business is, how much Milk Road was acquired for, or what his current net worth his. Many believe he will be more upfront with these figures when they are less current, and could not potentially impact day to day business operations and deals.