Short Game Chef

updated 05 Apr 2023

Parker McLachlin is the @ShortGameChef. He has won an event on tour, and in his win, he hit 1-9 greens in regulation and had 8 up and downs. He is tours hottest chipping coach, having worked with Colin Morikawa, Keith Mitchell, Anna Nordqvist and more.

He puts a huge emphasis on getting rid of your wrist hinge in a stock pitch. He wants everything squared up, shaft neutral and as shallow an angle of attack as possible. This shallow angle of attack is created by using body rotation and limited to no wrist hinge.

TOUR Short Game Secrets with PGA TOUR winner Parker McLachlin ShortGameChef

He can also teach you how to get out of bunkers, hit the high flops and the low spinners, but he always returns to the fundamentals of the stock chip, which is neutral hands at take-away and at impact, and creating as shallow angle of as possible through body rotation.

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