Shotmaking with Jordan Spieth

updated 28 Jul 2023

Can you hit 3 different shots pulled out of hat on demand? Jordan Spieth can. Jordan Speith shows how he hits Fairway Finder with his low little bleeder fade 3 iron, a 160 yard High Draw, and a perfect 9 iron.

Shotmaking with Jordan Spieth

  1. Fairway Finder off the Tee (Low Fade with Driving Iron - 3 Iron):

  2. 160-Yard High Draw (Iron Shot - Specific Club Not Mentioned):

  3. Ideal 9-Iron Shot (Tight Fade with 9-Iron from 150-155 Yards):

These descriptions provide insights into how Jordan Spieth approaches and executes these specific shot shapes, combining various swing techniques and face control to achieve the desired results.

Shot Making and Shot Shaping Takeaways

Several shot shaping fundamentals discussed by Jordan Spieth that carry over to shot making in general are:

  1. Body Control: Jordan emphasizes using his body more than his hands to hit certain shots. This highlights the importance of body rotation and sequencing to generate power and control the ball's flight.

  2. Face Stability: For both fades and draws, Jordan stresses the significance of holding the clubface stable through impact. Face stability is crucial for controlling the ball's spin and direction, regardless of the shot shape.

  3. Target Alignment: Jordan mentioned using various references on the course, such as bunkers and trees, to help align his shots. Picking out a specific target line and having a clear visual on where the ball should start and finish is essential in shot shaping and general shot making.

  4. Adjusting Swing Length: Depending on the desired shot shape and distance, Jordan modifies his swing length, whether it's taking a little off or swinging fully. Adapting swing length based on the shot requirements is a vital skill in shot making.

  5. Trajectory Control: Jordan manipulates the loft and launch angle to achieve the desired shot shape and trajectory. Understanding how to control the ball's flight path by manipulating loft and launch conditions is crucial for any golfer.

  6. Play to Strengths: Jordan adapted his game over the years to become proficient in hitting fades and draws. Playing to your strengths and knowing when to use certain shot shapes for different situations is essential in shot making.

  7. Minimizing Misses: By focusing on hitting fades, Jordan reduces the chance of missing shots to the left (his big miss). Minimizing misses and understanding how to shape shots that work with your natural tendencies can improve overall shot making.

These shot shaping fundamentals are not only applicable to specific shot shapes but also carry over to general shot making. By mastering these principles, golfers can have better control over their shots and become more versatile players on the course.