The Magic Move in Cam Smith's Putting Stoke | Film Study | Golf Digest

updated 04 Aug 2023

Cam Smith's Sunday 8 under 64 at the St. Andrew's Old Course to win the 2022 Open will forever be a historic putting performance. But what is it that makes Cam's putting so special? How does he make those 10-15 footers look easy and make 40 footers easy 2 putts when he takes the first putt to within a foot. The secret lies in his classic, easy on the eye technique...

The Magic Move in Cam Smith's Putting Stoke | Film Study | Golf Digest

Key's to Cam Smith's Classic Putting Technique

  1. Mirror Practice: Cam Smith uses a mirror to ensure he sets up to his putter exactly the same way every time. This helps maintain consistency in his setup and prevents bad habits from forming.

  2. Left Eye Dominance: Cam Smith is left eye dominant, which makes the mirror practice even more important. It ensures that his feet and shoulders are square to the target line, preventing alignment issues.

  3. Stroke: Cam Smith's follow-through is shorter than his backstroke, contrary to some amateurs who fear decelerating through the ball. He and his coach work on keeping a constant speed throughout the stroke for better distance control.

  4. Speed: The constant speed of the putting stroke transfers energy into the golf ball, helping it roll consistently. This technique has been intuitively understood by many great putters throughout history, like Ben Crenshaw.

  5. Final Look: Cam Smith doesn't take practice strokes before putting. Instead, he takes one deliberate look at the hole, visualizing the shot he wants to make. This final moment of focus allows him to feel the shot in his body and mind before executing it.

Overall, Cam Smith's putting success comes from a combination of technical fundamentals, mental focus, and a deliberate approach to each putt. His attention to detail and commitment to consistency in setup and stroke contribute to his prowess as a skilled putter.