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updated 19 Mar 2023

This Video Has 63,600,863 Views

Tom Scott has written code using the youtube API to read analytics about this video, and then uses the api to go into Youtube Video Manager and change the title of the video based on the view count. He likely has a daemon set up on a server that runs this process. Unfortunately, Tubopedia does not have an API yet, and its titles are un-editable, so the title of this page will become outdated.

Tom speaks fondly of the days of Web 2.0 when every major platform offered API's with no request volume limits.

The first sign that something was wrong, was the red scare bot. This twitter bot tweeted every single time communism was brought up and replied too it. Tom built some twitter bots himself, one that tweeted everytime someone update wikipedia from within The house of congress.

API's created as much trouble and abuse as they did collaboration, and that is what lead to API's of today which have rate limits, and code changes and fees or just don't even exist at all. It is the decay of code.

It is incredible with the state of totday's internet that Tom's video is still currently updating at 63 million views. I hope that google will maintain it as long as humanly possible.