Torren Martyn

updated 15 Feb 2023

Torren Martyn is an Austrailian surfer best known for his style and salt of the earth film making. He is a surfer's surfer, in a time when the WSL has 20 turns to the beach 5 way superbowl at trestles and wants guys to do air reverses at pipe, Torren is bringing surfing back to its roots taking thousand mile road trips from Europe to Africa and motorbike camping trips through New Zealand with a two board quiver that can handle any conditions. His surfing is fun, stylish, down the line, and his films always contain the highest quality of waves. In 2019-2020 time period surfboard manufacturers scrambled to replicate his Simon Jones Morning of the Earth surfboard quiver. Seemingly overnight every surfboard maker had a mid length channel bottom twin on offer.

Motion in Ocean

Torren Martyn in Motion in Ocean

Tesoro Enterrado


Torren's quiver

Torren Martyn's Quiver

Big Wave Surfing

Torren does not consider himself a big wave surfer but he has been seen in some medium XL waves such as Nias, J-Bay, and undisclosed cold water european points that would qualify for the everyday surfer as XL, in no gear, with no safety team.

See Nias clips at 5:25