Tubopedia Mission

updated 13 May 2023

The Mission of Tubopedia it to collect videos around topics and provide supporting text. We want to document the web in more thorough fashion than other wiki's out there, with supporting video evidence. We are particularly focused on providing supporting text, info, tldr, and break downs of the best content Youtube has to offer. Think of it as Youtube video descriptions and the comments section having a baby to create the ultimate source of information surrounding a topic or a Video.


Sometimes reading is faster than watching, and seeing things in text, helps enforce a concept. This is a place where text based learners and visual learners can collide.

Contributing is easy, and anyone can add or edit a post, including this one.

Types of Posts

At Tubopedia, we encourage two types of posts, Video Posts and Topic Posts. While both can be created easily using the "Add a Post" or "new" button, the type of information we want in them is slightly different.

Video Post

A video post is a post with only one video at the top of the post. The title of the post should be the title of the video. The very first thing in the post should be [Video Title](youtube-video-url). The rest is all the supporting information, ie what it took the make the video, a short form break down of the video content, or any other supporting information that might seem relevant to the video.

Example Video Post:


Topic Post

A Topic Post is a way to cover any topic, a person, a place, or a thing worth documenting. The idea behind a topic post is that there are more then one great videos on this topic and its sub-topics, and maybe even some parts of the topic not covered by youtube, and we want to include all those videos and all that information in the post.

Example Topic Post:


Guidelines for Posts

It is best to keep posts fact based and oriented around the post topic or the video. We also strongly encourage linking to other relevant posts with "[link text](/posts/path-to-post)" so that others can find any other related posts. We also encourage leaving all relevant outbound links such as the youtube channels, instagram account or twitter account.


All post edit forms supports Markdown.

No extra work is needed to get a youtube video preview. Just drop a youtube link like so, [title](youtube-link) and the preview will showup on the post page, and its thumbnail on the homepage.