What is DMT Like with Lex Fridman and Matthew Johnson

updated 19 May 2023

Lex Fridman and Matthew Johnson: What is DMT like?

The conversation between Lex Fridman and Matthew Johnson about the nature of the DMT (dimethyltryptamine) experience, discusses various aspects of DMT, including the duration of the trip, the breakthrough dose, and the profound effects it has on consciousness.

They explain that DMT is commonly smoked or vaporized, and it typically takes three inhalations to reach a breakthrough dose. The experience is described as being radically different from typical psychedelic experiences with substances like psilocybin or LSD. It is an intense and rapid onset, often described as a freight train. The second hit already brings about one of the strongest psychedelic experiences someone may have had, and the third hit propels them into another reality.

In this other reality, individuals may encounter different entities, such as elves or self-dribbling basketballs, though these experiences can be influenced by cultural factors. People often report communication with these entities, receiving self-validating information that feels like they are downloading intelligence from a higher dimension. However, it is challenging to express these experiences concretely or verify them afterward.

They discuss the idea that the DMT experience allows limited cognitive creatures to communicate with wiser entities, offering hints of deeper truths that our cognition may not fully grasp. It is a mind-expanding process that suggests the existence of a greater truth beyond our understanding.

The conversation also touches on the psychological and neurological aspects of the DMT experience. It is suggested that the overwhelming comprehension and associative learning during the trip may push the nervous system to orient itself through metaphor. They speculate that archetypes and stories deeply ingrained in human evolution may come to the forefront during DMT experiences.

Overall, the conversation explores the extraordinary and ineffable aspects of the DMT experience, discussing the subjective nature of encounters with entities, the challenge of describing the experience, and the potential for profound insights and expanded consciousness.