Why EVs Are Piling Up At Dealerships In The US

updated 16 Oct 2023

The auto industry is seeing a massive $6.5 billion investment in EVs, but despite this, EV sales are slowing down. Factors include anxiety over long-distance travel, oversupply, government mandates, and high prices. Tesla's aggressive pricing strategy has disrupted the market, leading to an oversaturation of high-priced EVs. Regional variations in adoption rates exist, influenced by gas prices and home energy rates. The mismatch between consumer preferences and available EV inventory suggests a need for reassessment of regulations and incentives. While challenges exist, there is optimism as buyers are willing to accept certain compromises for the benefits of EVs. The industry may have moved too fast, and a more gradual transition, possibly through hybrids, could have been a better approach.

Why EVs Are Piling Up At Dealerships In The U.S.