Why You Should Seek Power Not Happiness - Nietzsche's Guide to Greatness

updated 03 Apr 2023

Why You Should Seek Power, Not Happiness - Nietzsche's Guide to Greatness

"Not increase of consciousness is the goal, but enhancement of Power." - Fredrik Nietzsche's

Nietzsche's "Power" was about enhancing yourself. Becoming your best self. The writer who writes, the athletes or who works out, the speaker that learns to hold the audience's attention better. It is about a "self overcoming". It is about expanding and ascending.

Nietzsche guide to attaining this power, is to first pick a Goal that meets 4 criteria.

  1. The goal must be meaningful and challanging.

  2. It must promote our health and well being, or the well being of others.

  3. It must be conducive to the attainment of personal excellance.

  4. It must be self chosen. It should be an expression of our individuality and our authentic aspirations.

The next step after setting this goal is setting aside time daily to try and achieve this goal. It is the in the daily struggle where we will gain our power. The larger the goal, and the larger the resistance to achieving this goal will strengthen us, and as we get stronger, and our desire to reach our goals grow, we will increase our power and "will to power".