Why you procrastinate even when it feels bad

updated 20 Mar 2023

Why you procrastinate even when it feels bad

Avoiding a task you said you would do? Well, this was actually designed to protect you. It is handled by a set hormones in the amygdella. It is a fear response to avoid dangerous tasks that might have put us in danger when we were trying to survive out in the wild. It is associated with tasks that have give us fear, self doubt, and things we low confidence we will be able to complete. Many people procrastinate because they care too much, they are afraid the work wont live up to the expected results.

How to deal with Procrastination

Traditionally people thought procrastinators needed to be harder on themselves, but that will actually just increase negative emotions and make the problem worse. - Try journaling about why you are procrastinating the task. - Forgive yourself for how long you have put the task off. - Make a list of the tasks that will go into completing the project. - Make the first step as small as possible.

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