Alex Hormozi: 100 Million Dollar Offers for E Commerce

updated 05 Jun 2023

Alex Hormozi discusses how the principles outlined in his book "100 Million Dollar Offers" apply to e-commerce. He starts by addressing a comment made on the My First Million podcast where someone said the book doesn't apply to e-commerce, but he disagrees. He then breaks down the key points and variables that create purchasing decisions and drive value:

To enhance value further, Hormozi discusses additional variables from his book:

Hormozi uses examples from Amazon to illustrate how these principles apply to e-commerce, such as Amazon's focus on reviews, fast shipping, one-click purchases, scarcity indicators, lightning deals, try-before-you-buy, and bonus content. He emphasizes that while the examples may differ between services and physical products, the fundamentals of creating value and driving purchasing decisions remain the same.

100 Million Dollar Offers | For E Commerce