Alex Hormozi: Gym Launch Secrets

updated 11 May 2023

In this video, Kayla, the CEO of Gym Launch, shares a five-step process to help gym owners fill their gyms to capacity in 90 days or less with high ticket clients. This is the essence of Alex Hormozi's book "Gym Launch Secrets: The Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Massively Profitable Gym ". The five steps include:

  1. Creating an incredible offer using the value equation which focuses on increasing perceived likelihood of success and decreasing time delay and effort and sacrifice. The three primary offers that work best include a 6-week challenge, a 21-day free offer, and a 28-day offer.
  2. Generating leads on Facebook and Instagram through targeted ads with a daily ad spend between $50-$100, which can produce leads between $8-$12 per day.
  3. Nurturing leads with a four-step process called the four pillars of lead nurture, including speed to contact, pure volume, education, and social proof.
  4. Closing the leads by booking appointments and offering a comprehensive consultation to show the value of the gym's services.
  5. Converting leads into long-term memberships by creating an amazing customer experience, offering promotions, and encouraging referrals.

5 SIMPLE STEPS To Fill Your Gym In Just 90 Days.

Key Points Summarized

Step #1 - Offers:

Step #2 - Leads:

Step #3 - Lead Nurture:

Step #4 - Sales:

Step #5 - Conversion: