Alex Hormozi: How to Stop Failing at your Big Goals

updated 06 Jul 2023

The conversation between Chris Williamson and Alex Hormozi revolves around the topic of moving from mere contemplation or "mental masturbation" to taking action and making a tangible impact in life. They discuss the importance of defining the inputs and outputs that will lead to desired outcomes. Alex emphasizes the need to start with the most basic action, whether it's creating content, making a call, posting something, or running an ad. He also talks about the role of fuel, suggesting that using existing emotions like pain, anger, or shame can propel someone forward until they find their true passion. Alex shares his personal experience of breaking free from living according to his father's dreams and realizing the need to define his own game rather than trying to win his father's game. He talks about shifting from a mindset driven by a chip on his shoulder to defining his own meaning and purpose in life

How to Stop Failing at Your Big Goals

Key Points

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