Andrew Huberman | Focus, Stress, Relationships, and Friendship | Lex Fridman Podcast

updated 25 Aug 2023

Introducing the podcast, Lex Friedman delves into the benefits of sauna usage, discussing the positive impacts on cardiovascular health. He humorously explores the notion of being naked in saunas, relating it to childbirth, and cites a quote from Dorothy Parker about the power of curiosity. In this episode, Lex welcomes back Andrew Huberman, an esteemed neuroscientist from Stanford University, and the host of the acclaimed Huberman Lab Podcast. Highlighting Andrew's expertise, warmth, and their growing friendship, Lex kicks off another engaging conversation on The Lex Friedman Podcast.

Andrew Huberman: Focus, Stress, Relationships, and Friendship | Lex Fridman Podcast #277

Diet and Good Food

Attribution in Science

Rick Rubin

Mental States

Controversial Guests

Karl Deisseroth

Difficult Conversations

Big Guests

Academia, East Coast vs West Coast Neuroscience

Freedom of Speech

If by Rudyard Kipling


Public Speaking

Non Sleep Deep Rest vs Meditation


Stress and Performance

Andrew Huberman's Training Principles

Balanced Fitness

Cold Exposure


Sex and Health

Love and Relationships