Andrew Wilkinson

updated 19 May 2023

Andrew Wilkinson is the founder of Tiny (Capital) which has been called the "The Berkshire Hathaway of modern small internet businesses". Before Tiny Andrew Founded Meta Labs, a design agency that worked with startups such as slack, uber and CoinBase. He has a deep interest in Value Investing and looks up to and has met with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. The saying at Tiny is "We buy wonderful businesses". Andrew is a regular guest on the My First Million podcast where he has shared his views on business and some personal business anecdotes along the way. He also shares business and valuation frameworks on his medium blog. He has also publicly stated that he invests in the public markets, but only in one stock, Pershing Squares Holdings, which is the holding company for Bill Ackman's hedge fund.


"Most Successful people are just an anxiety disorder harnessed for productivity"

Net Worth

Andrew Wilkinson owns 121,784,996 shares of Tiny Capital, now merged with WeCommerce Holdings. Based on the number of shares outstanding, Andrew owns 68.72% of the WeCommerce Holdings. WeCommerce Holdings Market cap is currently $815 Million, giving Andrew a Net Worth of $554 Million. See more about the Tiny Capital Merger with WeCommerce and Andrews stake in the deal.

Tiny Capital Going Public

My First Million Tiny Capital going public


This "Lazy" Billionaire will change your life

5 Takeaways from Meeting Andrew Wilkinson

  1. The Billionaire Perspective: Millionaires focus on immediate opportunities, while billionaires think about the long-term prospects, including the defensibility and future of a brand or product. Taking a zoomed-out perspective allows for better compounding over time.

  2. Higher One to Higher Ten: When building a business, instead of hiring multiple levels of employees, it can be more effective to hire the right leader or CEO who can then hire and manage the rest of the team. By getting the right person in a leadership position, they can build a strong team underneath them.

  3. Entrepreneur as Investor: Entrepreneurs need to think like investors within their own businesses. Considering factors such as launching in new markets, protecting cash flow, reinvesting in the business, and identifying scalable opportunities are crucial for scaling a business safely.

  4. Easier Opportunities: While complex and competitive opportunities exist, it is important to identify simpler opportunities that are often overlooked but can still create significant value. Finding these easier opportunities can lead to success.

  5. Avoid Micro-Management: Instead of constantly intervening and trying to fix or tweak every aspect, it is essential to focus on the bigger picture and allow employees or team members to learn, improve, and come up with their own ideas. Only intervene when something has the potential to harm the entire company.

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