Darnell Washington or Dalton Kincaid

updated 24 Apr 2023

Darnell Washington or Dalton Kincaid: Who is the better pick in the 2023 NFL Draft?

With the 2023 NFL Draft fast approaching, its time to dig into the two most interesting Tight End prospects. While both Darnell Washington and Dalton Kincaid both play "Tight End", that is about all they have in common, and we are truly entering an apples and oranges comparison. Dalton Kincaid is glorified big body receiver, weighing in a 6'4, 240, and possessing great down field route running ability. Linebackers cannot keep up with him, and db's cannot contest catches with him, he is true matchup nightmare. He is also said to have some of the best hands in the draft. But don't expect him to contribute in run game blocking as he mostly lined up in the slot. His pro comp is Mike Gesicki.

Dalton Kincaid, Best Tight End in the Draft?

Darnell Washington on the other hand, is an agile tackle with hands weighing in a staggering 6'7 270.. He will contribute big time in the run game, and lined up inline and at h-back. His hands and route running may not be on par with Kincaid, but it's almost irrelevant. He is a redzone contested catch threat at a towering 6'7, and how do you know whether to engage as there could a be ball carrier coming behind him or cover and go up and contest his catch point. His pro comp is... none, there isn't a player like him, we do know what he could be capable of if he polishes his route running and works on his hands. Maybe a Ben Coates or Gronk if his route running can improve for patriots fan's out there.

Everyone is WRONG about Darnell Washington

Darnell Washington Throwback Pro Comp

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