NFL Draft 2023

updated 25 Apr 2023

Idiots Guide to the 2023 NFL Draft

Bryce Young is the projected first overall pick to the Carolina Panthers

The most likely bust is Anthony Richardson. His draft stock sky rocketed because of his freakish combine numbers, but he is a project, given he only played in 22 games over 3 years and had a completion percentage of 54%. The craziest part about this is he's still projected to go third overall.

This draft might be the most unpredictable draft we have seen in recent years. Usually we have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen based on the track records from previous. But all of the franchises in the top 10 picks of the Draft have either Coaches or GMs or both in their first or second year with the organization.

Secondly, the Quarterbacks are of varying degrees of talent. Murmors through out the league is that Will Levis is second round talent. And Anthony Richardson is not considered pro ready. Whoever drafts him will need to have him sit for a year before he becomes pro ready. Secondly the WR's, all the top WR's in this draft, outside of Jackson Smith-Ngiba, are considered possible second round talents in a better draft year. Of course, this year is not any other year, it just changes how much capital teams are willing to move to trade up for certain players.

The draft is considered deep on cornerback and Tight End, but the only potential first round TE's are Micheal Mayer out of Notre Dame and maybe Darnell Washington out of Georgia. The real meat of this draft is in the 2nd round. That is where some potentially great players live that are just sleepers, we don't know who they really are yet or what their potential is. The same goes for the first round, its just that the first rounders will have more eyes on them in their first year, and have more potential to underperform their draft position.

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