Dustin Johnson & Collin Morikawa Talking Fades | TaylorMade Golf

updated 23 Aug 2023

Dustin Johnson & Collin Morikawa Talking Fades | TaylorMade Golf

Dustin Johnson

Dustin is an incredible driver of the Golf ball. He has finished in the top 5 of distance on tour several years in a row and had an average driving distance of 311 yards, back in the pre-stealth days of 2010.

Dustin ALWAYS tees it up on the right side of the tee box, and is ALWAYS trying to hit a cut with his driver. He used to be a drawer of golf ball, but now when he is playing his best, he is hitting a fade and he doesn't have to think about it. Where as if he needs to draw the golf ball, he does have to think about it.

If there are trees on the left, more of a dogleg right, and the hole doesn't favor a fade, Dustin will occasionally play "his draw", which he tees down low, hits low, tries to hit a draw, and it will go straight or baby fade.

On his fade, he would rather his miss be an overfade than a straight ball, he will take the over fade "all day". He said it's easy for him to figure out how to take cut off his ball, if he is missing with the straight ball, it is a lot harder for him to find his fade again.

Collin Morikawa

Collin is not known for his driving, but his fade with his irons is considered some of the best iron play on tour at the moment. So naturally, he fades the driver as well. Collin does tee up more center to right side of the tee box, and likes to just focus on his start line, and trust that the ball is going to fade. He is "trying to hit a dead straight ball" at his target line, and he just know's it will fade back.

Collins strike miss on the club are on the toe, and he says that does not bother him at all, he can still fade it.

The Swing

Both Collin and Dustin have a very extreme bow in their wrist, which always attracts commentary. But this is not something either of the golfers have intended to accomplish with their swing, it's just something that naturally happened.

Both Dustin and Collin like to pick a target for the line they want to start the ball on, and trust that it will fade back into the fairway, so they are picking far left targets.

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