Exurb1a: Sleep is Just Death Being Shy

updated 14 May 2023

The video "Sleep is just Death being shy" by Exurb1a explores the concept of sleep and its similarity to death. The video highlights the importance of sleep, which is so essential that it is wired into almost every organism on the planet. The video goes through the stages of sleep, starting with brain waves slowing down, leading to the deepest levels of sleep, where growth hormones are released and tissue is repaired. The final stage is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Stage, where the brain paralyzes the body, and about 80% of dreams occur. The video also imagines what the future could hold for us in terms of our descendants and the world population. Ultimately, the video suggests that sleep is just like death but temporary, and that it provides us with a rehearsal for the inevitable.

Sleep is Just Death Being Shy

Key Takewaway

Both sleep and death involve a temporary loss of consciousness and vulnerability, but sleep is necessary for our survival and well-being. Sleep plays an essential role in maintaining our physical and mental health, and it is a natural process that has been wired into almost every half intelligent organism on the planet. Additionally, the video highlights how our DNA and legacy can continue to impact future generations long after we are gone, which can offer some comfort in the face of mortality.