updated 02 Aug 2023

Exurb1a is an author and youtuber. His videos have gotten millions of views while his books have done, meh. He writes about the universe, philosophy, humanity, technology, anthropology, story telling, and every other (f*cking) topic you could imagine. He is from Bulgaria and has hiked the Appalachian trail, which he discusses on his sister channel Exurb2a in the story "The Answer is not a Hut in the Woods"

The Universe in 4 minutes

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Key Themes in his writing

Existentialism: Exurb1a often explores the big questions of life, such as the meaning of existence, the nature of reality, and the role of humanity in the universe.

Humor: Despite the serious subject matter, Exurb1a's videos are often infused with humor and sarcasm, making them entertaining and engaging.

Science and Philosophy: Exurb1a draws heavily from both scientific and philosophical concepts, often using them to illustrate his points or to make complex ideas more accessible.

Futurism: Many of Exurb1a's videos speculate on the future of humanity, technology, and society, often imagining extreme scenarios that challenge our assumptions about what is possible.

Mind and Consciousness: Exurb1a often explores the nature of the mind and consciousness, asking questions such as "What is consciousness?" and "How does the brain create our subjective experience of reality?"

Overall, Exurb1a's videos are thought-provoking, engaging, and often humorous explorations of the big questions of life, drawing from a wide range of scientific and philosophical concepts.

On Nihilism and Meaning

Exurb1a often explores the idea of nihilism in his videos, which is the belief that life has no inherent meaning or value. In several of his videos, he expresses the idea that nihilism can be both liberating and terrifying.

He also suggests that while there may not be a single, objective meaning to life, individuals can still find their own subjective meaning through personal experiences, relationships, and pursuits. Exurb1a often emphasizes the importance of human connection and curiosity as ways to find purpose and meaning in life.

In one of his videos, "The Ultimate Game," Exurb1a suggests that life itself can be viewed as a game, and that individuals can choose their own goals and objectives within the game. He also argues that the ultimate goal of the game is to create something that will outlast oneself, whether it's through art, science, or other forms of creative expression.

Overall, Exurb1a encourages his viewers to embrace the uncertainty and absurdity of existence, while also finding ways to create their own meaning and purpose in life.