Exurb1a: Theres No Such as Orange

updated 14 May 2023

"Theres No such thing as Orange" by Exurb1a expresses awe at the miracle of life and the luck of existing on this planet, even if only for a short time. They cope with the inevitability of death by regularly consuming chocolate, which leads to an explanation of the hard problem of consciousness - how the brain turns electrical signals into experiences or "qualia". The author explains that qualia are everything that makes up an experience, such as the taste of chocolate, the orangeness of orange, or the hotness of heat. The hard problem of consciousness is considered the greatest mystery in history because, as of now, there is no answer to how the brain creates qualia. Despite knowing a lot about the natural world, there is still no understanding of how elements that make up our bodies create consciousness.

Theres No Such Thing as Orange

What does is it mean that there is no such thing as orange, and why does that matter?

The video is making the point that "orange" is not a universal or objective color. Rather, what we call "orange" is a construct of our human perception of light and color. The reason this matters is that it highlights the subjective nature of our experience of the world around us. Our perceptions are based on our individual biological makeup, cultural context, and personal experiences, so what one person experiences as "orange" may differ slightly or significantly from what another person experiences as "orange." Recognizing this subjectivity can help us be more mindful of our assumptions and perspectives, and more open to different ways of experiencing and understanding the world.