Exurb1a: Unlimited Rice Pudding

updated 14 May 2023

"Unlimited Rice Pudding" by Exurb1a is a humorous take on the practical problems and dangers of time travel, advising the would-be time traveler to pack antibiotics, clothing, and toiletries before traveling to a different era. The speaker also suggests memorizing certain historical and scientific knowledge beforehand, and packing items such as gold, silk, and a laser pen. The speaker emphasizes the importance of survival and avoiding changing the past too much.

Unlimited Rice Pudding

What You Should Do If You Go Back in Time

If you go back in time, there are several things you should consider doing to ensure your safety and increase your chances of success:

  1. Stay alive: Before going back in time, make sure you have antibiotics and other medical supplies to help you stay healthy. Also, avoid drinking water from sources you're not sure of, and always boil and filter your water to avoid getting sick.

  2. Get clever: Before you go back in time, read up on history, science, and any other relevant topics that could help you succeed. Learn about the basics of steam power, germ theory, modern military strategy, and any other skills or knowledge that could help you thrive.

  3. Memorize key information: Use mnemonic techniques to remember important dates, names, and other details that could help you navigate the past. Also, try to learn any embarrassing secrets or information that could give you an advantage over others.

  4. Pack wisely: Bring useful items with you, such as gold, silk, and other valuable commodities that could help you trade for goods and services. Also, consider bringing modern items, such as a laser pen or air horn, that could help you in various situations.

  5. Be careful: Once you arrive in the past, be cautious and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Also, be mindful of the potential dangers of changing the course of history and be prepared to deal with any unforeseen consequences.