Exurb1a: We Are The Last Humans Left

updated 12 May 2023

In the video "We are the last humans left", Exurb1a explains that our species, Homo sapiens, is the only surviving human species on the planet. He goes on to describe the history of human evolution and the demise of other human-like creatures such as Neanderthals. He credits the survival of our species to our ability to use language to organize and work together in complex societies. The speaker also discusses the role of myths and abstractions in our society and how they have contributed to our success as a species. Finally, he discusses the challenges our species has faced throughout history, including disease, famine, and hardship, and how we have managed to survive and thrive in spite of them.

We Are the Last Humans Left

Key Takeaway

Language has been one of the most important factors in the evolution of Homo sapiens as a species, allowing us to create and communicate myths, which have in turn enabled us to build complex societies and dominate the world. The video also highlights the fragility of human existence, with the species having survived multiple existential threats over the course of its history, and raises questions about the future of humanity in the face of potential future challenges.