Exurb1a: You (Probably) Don't Exist

updated 12 May 2023

The video "You Probably Don't Exist" by Exurb1a explores the idea that our consciousness does not have as much control over our thoughts and actions as we might think. The video examines how fear, preferences, motor control, language processing, and even seemingly conscious choices may be influenced by automatic processes in the brain that are not under our conscious control. Ultimately, the video raises questions about the nature of consciousness and the extent to which we are truly in control of our own lives.

You (Probably) Don't Exist

Key Takeaway

Much of what we think of as "us" or our conscious self is actually a product of automatic processes in our brain that are outside of our conscious control. Fear, basic survival instincts, preferences, and even some motor control are examples of processes that are not under our direct control. This challenges the traditional concept of the self as a unified, conscious entity that is in control of our thoughts and actions.