How to Create Topical Authority

updated 28 Aug 2023

Creating topical authority involves becoming an authoritative and trustworthy source within a specific niche or subject area. It's a strategic approach in SEO where you focus on extensively covering a wide range of relevant topics related to your chosen niche. By consistently producing high-quality content that addresses various aspects of the subject matter, you establish expertise, build trust with your audience, and gain recognition from search engines like Google. This summary will delve into the key concepts and strategies associated with creating topical authority to drive significant organic traffic without relying on traditional link-building methods.

Copy my ZERO Backlink SEO Strategy for Massive Google Traffic

Introduction to the Strategy: - Introducing a three-part SEO strategy to generate massive Google traffic without link building. - Emphasizing that link building is just one ranking factor among others. - Introducing three powerful techniques for generating traffic: topical authority, link bait content, and targeting zero search volume keywords.

Topical Authority: - Explaining the concept of topical authority, which involves becoming an authority on a specific topic. - Highlighting the importance of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) in Google's quality rater guidelines. - Stating the necessity of proving authority by covering a wide range of relevant topics. - Mentioning Coray Tugbur's approach to building topical authority.

Creating a Topical Map: - Discussing the process of creating a topical map to cover various topics within a niche. - Prioritizing articles that are closely related to the main topic for building topical authority.

Link Bait Content for Topical Authority: - Exploring link bait content as a means of attracting links naturally. - Mentioning Bryan Dean's Exploding Topics tool for producing content that attracts links. - Discussing different types of link bait content, such as statistics, infographics, controversy pieces, and calculators.

Crafting Perfectly Optimized Articles: - Emphasizing the importance of crafting content that aligns with Google's ranking signals. - Breaking down the steps to crafting well-optimized content: 1. Researching the top-ranking articles for a keyword. 2. Analyzing the structure and content of these articles. 3. Creating a master outline by combining the best elements from top-ranking articles. 4. Writing an engaging and expert introduction. 5. Utilizing content optimization tools to create a perfectly optimized article. 6. Incorporating authoritative external links and formatting content for Google's NLP algorithms.

Targeting Zero Search Volume Keywords: - Explaining the strategy of targeting keywords with zero search volume. - Disputing the notion that zero search volume keywords bring no traffic. - Mentioning the inaccuracy of search volume estimations by SEO tools. - Describing a strategy for finding zero search volume keywords using tools like AnswerThePublic and Reddit. - Highlighting the potential benefits of targeting these keywords due to low competition and Google's evolving algorithms.

Conclusion and Call to Action: - Summarizing the three strategies discussed: topical authority, link bait content, and zero search volume keywords. - Promising more information on these strategies in upcoming videos. - Mentioning Cory Tugbur's training on topical authority in the affiliate lab course.