Is Bijan Robinson a Top 5 Pick

updated 27 Apr 2023

Bijan Robinson is the best Running Back in the 2023 NFL Draft, but how high can he go? Bijan is believed to be the best running back in the 8 year College PFF era. He is believed to be a generational talent. His combine numbers are not off the charts, only running a 4.46 40 yard dash, and not running the three cone. But his shiftiness and power in tight running spaces have been compared to Saquan Barkley and Ezekial Elliot.

Is Bijan Robinson a Top 5 Pick?

The NFL game has evolved to be a passing game. NFL teams want to keep the ball in the Quarterbacks hands, getting chunk yardage down the field. And the shelf life is close to 8 years with a high quality NFL running back, compared to lineman that could 15 years.

All reasonable GMs could have Bijan going as high as 15. In the NFL of 10 years ago you might see him going as high as the top 10, maybe top 5. But it is clear that although the comps to Zeke and Saquan are great from a play-ability, there is also the comp of Zeke and Saquans contracts. Based on where they were drafted #4 in 2016 for Zeke and #2 in 2018 Saquan, many NFL GM's would pass on present day Zeke and Saquan because of the size of the there contracts, as good as the good days were for those players. In contrast you have a guy like Najee Harris drafted 24 overall in the 2021 draft could have a much more reasonable 5th year options and second contract coming up.

"No question he is a top 5 pick 10 years Ago"