Is Success Luck or Hard Work | Veritasium

updated 01 Aug 2023

The video discusses egocentric bias and the tendency for people to overestimate their contributions while underestimating others'. It emphasizes the role of luck in success, drawing examples from sports and astronaut selections, and highlights the importance of acknowledging luck and showing gratitude, ultimately encouraging individuals to give back and help others.

Is Success Luck or Hard Work? | Veritasium

Key Points

  1. Egocentric Bias: People tend to overestimate their contributions and underestimate others' contributions to tasks like homeschooling and housework, leading to a bias in self-perception.

  2. Role of Luck in Success: Many successful individuals often downplay the role of luck in their achievements. Examples include hockey players' birth dates affecting their chances of becoming professionals and astronaut selections having a significant element of luck.

  3. Survivor Bias: Successful individuals may attribute their success solely to their own talents and hard work, overlooking the impact of luck. This can lead to a distorted view of reality and less empathy towards those who are less successful.

  4. Gratitude and Giving Back: Acknowledging fortunate events and luck can lead to a more realistic and likable perspective. It can also foster gratitude and motivate individuals to help others by increasing their luck.

  5. Paradoxical Advice: While believing in one's own talent and hard work is important for success, it is equally crucial to recognize the role of luck, both for oneself and others. Being aware of luck can inspire individuals to support others and increase their opportunities.

Overall, the video discusses the influence of egocentric bias, luck, and self-awareness on success and offers insights into fostering empathy, gratitude, and generosity.

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