Moe Norman

updated 22 Apr 2023

The Living Golf Swing Machine

Moe Norman was a Canadian Golfer who is regarded as the straightest hitter of the golf ball of all time. He was said to hit 1000 balls a day when he was practicing professionally. He was shunned by the US Pro Golf community due to his off character, but an incredibly capable golfer. He prided himself on having the simplist, most repeatable swing. Tiger said "only two players truly owned their swings, Ben Hogan and Moe Norman". In a 2004 interview, Vijay Singh was asked who was the best golfer he'd ever seen. Without hesitation, Singh answered – Moe Norman. While Moe Norman was not "swing your swing" golfer, he was totally un-coached. But he does have strong opinions about what a golf swing should look like.

The Greatest Ball Striker of all Time

Golf's Rain Man

How Many Balls has Moe Norman Hit

Moe Norman kept track of exactly how many balls he hit. He said hes hit over 5 million balls, and hit 800 balls a day for 17 years straight. The most he has hit in in a single day 1540 with his driver.

Moe How many balls do you hit a day?

Moe Norman Wedges/ Grip

1994 Moe Norman golf swing demo