Swing Your Swing

updated 09 Aug 2023

Swing Your Swing is a philosophy in golf that encourages doing whatever it takes to make great contact with ball. It is about focus on knowing your ball flight, and becoming consistent and accurate through knowing your swing. Its about playing golf instead of Golf Swing. It is anti complex swing mechanics and pro doing what feels right in your swing that helps you make the best possible contact with the ball.

How to Shoot 81 with Your Own Swing - YOU PLAY GOLF, NOT GOLF SWING

Swing Your Swing Advocates

It is highly encouraged by John Sherman author of the Four Foundations of Golf and a +2 handicap.

Golf Sidekick, whose "how to break" 100, 90, 80, series, and "whats the difference between" 100, 90, 80, 70 series has helped thousands of golfers shave strokes off their score, and 2 handicap himself.

Sam Bennett (A), who was in the leader group for the first 3 days of the 2023 masters and mentioned he has never had a swing lesson.

Jon Rahm famously said in Range Talk that "there is no better teacher than the ball" and he had to ignore several swing coaches along his golf journey who were trying to lengthen his swing and get the club to parallel with the group at the top of swing. Thank God he did.

And lastly, It's encouraged by Bob Rotella, Golf psychologist and author of "Golf is not a Game of Perfect" who has worked with pros such as Rory Mcllroy, Justin Thomas, Brad Faxon, Nick Price, Jim Furyk and many more top professional golfers achieve there best scores.