NFL Draft 2023 Top 20 Prospects

updated 24 Apr 2023

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Top 11-20 NFL Draft 2023 Prospects Youtube Highlights

11. Peter Skoronski Northwestern Jr OT 1 6-4 313

Notes: While his offense did not succeed. He held down the left side of Northwesterns blindside all year long with fast feet, good technique, hand fighting, and a sense for the rush. He has great tape against this years Lukas Van Ness and last years #2 overall Aiden Hutchinson.

12. Joey Porter Jr. Penn State Jr CB 3 6-3 193

Notes: Joey Porter Jr is the fourth overall CB, but might be the longest corner pending measurements, and is considered the best at the line of scrimmage, using his long arms and big frame to jam receivers at the line. He gets a lot of penalties for his physical style of play, but it does make it virtually impossible to make it nearly impossible to run short underneath routes on him. He relies on his physicality to make up for his lack of top tier speed. Slant routes or when there is space with faster receivers, there can be an opening for receiver, but he generally defends the sidelines well on go routes.

13. Quentin Johnston TCU Jr WR 1 6-3 208

Notes: Quentin Johnston is the number bust outside of the Quarterback position. He was known for his drops and lack of ability to make contested catches. He brought down 8 of 23 catches for a contested catch rate of 34%. You can't expect all contested catches to come down, but those are the catches you're looking for out of your big body receiver. When does catch it, he is the second best receiver at the college level after the catch.

14. Paris Johnson Jr. Ohio State Jr OT 2 6-6 313

Notes: Paris Johnson has been considered the number 1 tackle in the draft. Johnson is great in both the pass and rush, and has great quickness for his size, and not to mention his ability to use his length. He was also able to pull on run plays which is intriguing for teams that run a zone running scheme. He is still not a fully polished product, but his measurements and raw athletic ability could see him go above Peter Skoronski.

15. Lukas Van Ness Iowa Soph EDGE 3 6-5 272

Notes: Lukas Van Ness is a power rusher. He has the raw athleticism to be a great player and had great stats as a rotational player. He still played majority of snaps and would be considered a starter. He showed the ability to play on the interior and on the edge. He has a great ability to turn speed to power in his bull rush, which was good agains the run and pass. He has great burst for his size. Unfortunately the bull rush would become predictable and sometimes o-lines were able to figure it out. He has mid first round potential but could slip to day 2. He only started playing football in high school, so there is potential for him develop a lot more game.

16. Brian Branch Alabama Jr S 1 6-0 190

Notes: Brian Branch is the highest rated safety in the draft. He is a tremendous tackler and the hardest hitting db in the draft class. His pff grade had him attempting 162 tackles and only missing 4. He not only makes the tackles, he delivers them with force, almost looking out of control at times, but always making the play. He is a force on the field with a nose for the ball. Against the pass he shows good play speed and instincts and sometimes lined up in the slot at Alabama. He is much more likely to play free or strong safety at the pro level.

17. Cam Smith South Carolina Jr CB 4 6-1 180

Notes: The first thing that Cam Smith has excellent anticipation in coverage. He has an ability to keep an eye on the quarterback, and his great footwork gives him the ability to always get a hand in on the ball. He also has played physically against the run with great tackling. He is not the best "athlete" at the corner position, but he has shown that he is a fully polished player ready to play at the pro level. This is a high floor player.

18. Nolan Smith Georgia Sr EDGE 4 6-2 238

Notes: Nolan Smith might be the most interesting player in the top 20 prospects. He is in the top 1% for explosive and athletic measurements for his size, but his size in the the 99% for his position. Simply put, what he lacks in size he makes up for in athleticism. And that athleticism does translate to the field. He uses his speed in the rush, but lacks a bag of rush moves. He may be asked to go into coverage occasionally in the pro game. Against the run he can pushed around, but did great against option runs. He is almost certain to go in the first round despite it being a deep edge class.

19. Myles Murphy Clemson Jr DL 2 6-5 268

Notes: Murphy has great hands, power, and leg drive to rush to the pass. He has great athleticism for his size. He has shown occasional gap discipline and edge setting issues against the run, but has shown the ability to stop the run with more game development. It is unclear if Murphy, Nolan Smith, or Lukas Van Ness will go first after Jalen Carter and Will Anderson.

20. Zay Flowers Boston College Sr WR 2 5-9 182

Notes: A four year player at BC. He is an electric player with the ball in his hands and is the number one receiver in the draft in yards after the catch. He has incredible burst and small space quickness, and projects as a slot receiver in the NFL. With that said he does have highlights on the outside. The biggest concern will be his size and frame and ability to get off the line against more physical slot CB's. It is unclear if he will slip to day 2, or go 14 overall to the receiver needy New England Patriots. Seemingly missing from this top 20 is Jaxon Smith-Njigba who projects to go before Zay Flowers