NFL Draft 2023 Top 10 Prospects

updated 01 May 2023

NFL Draft 2023 Top 10 Prospects Youtube Highlights

  1. Will Anderson Jr.,Alabama Jr EDGE 1 6-4 253

    Notes: Von Miller is the outrageous pro-comp. Might not be a Joey Bosa. He has the Trevor Lawrence hype, people have been talking about him for years. But it is unclear if he really will live up to Draft Hype that he has gotten. He will certainly be a great player. And is certainly one of the top 3 edges in the draft and will go in the top 5, maybe 10, but how good will he be? He was heavily compared to Aiden Hutchinson while he was still in College. Will had the better stats but Aiden had the higher PFF grades. I think we can expect Aiden Hutchinson level production in his rookie year. Chris Dumb Contrarian Take Sim's has him as the 3-4th edge off the board 😂 . He is criticized for how he went up against Darnell Wright, future first overall Tackle in next years draft, and his overall pass rush ability, it doesn't change his draft status but the subject does come up.

  2. Bryce Young, Alabama Jr QB 5-10 204

    Notes: Bryce Young is expected to go first overall to the Carolina Panthers. Archy Manning has talked about the size of Bryce Young is not a problem, he's a point guard, he knows how to distribute the football. It has been said he needs a quality o-line in front of him, and it's going to be tough for him to see over those larger d-lines.

  3. Jalen Carter, Georgia Jr DL 1 6-3 314

    Notes: Carter is a top 5 talent that will be all pro one day. But, Carter was involved in a street racing accident in January that ended in the loss of a teammate and coach he was street racing with. He was arrested the day of combine. He could still go 5th overall to Seattle. It is said that Las Vegas at 7 has already taken him off their board. He has the potential to drop well below his talent level, but is still projected to go in the first round. Hopefully he lands somewhere where he has great teammates and mentorship. Mike Tomlin and the Steelers could be a great landing spot for this young man that pick at 17th overall.

  4. C.J. Stroud Ohio State Jr QB 2 6-3 214

    Notes: CJ Stroud at one point was the betting favorite to go first overall. But rumors in Carolina has Bryce going first overall. That doesn't make CJ not an outstanding prospect. He certainly is much larger than Bryce Young, but not considered as good a distributor of the ball.

  5. Will Levis Kentucky Sr QB 3 6-4 229

    Notes: Just put this guy down as a bust now. I feel bad for the team that thinks this guy will save there franchise.

  6. Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech Sr EDGE 2 6-6 271

    Notes: Heavily compared Will Anderson in this draft, as he is the consensus #2 edge, with some fringe scouts calling him the #1 edge in the draft (Chris Simms 😂). This guy is lonnggggg and strong but draft experts are critical of his technical ability and would like to see him develop some more moves at the pro level. He is considered a slightly better pass rusher then Will Anderson.

  7. Christian Gonzalez Oregon Soph CB 1 6-1 197

    Notes: He is the consensus #1 CB (except for Chris Simms 😂). This guy has the speed, the size, and the technique. The way he moves around the secondary is like is supple and deadly like leopard, and he is an absolute ball hawk. Criticized for his tackling/physicalness taking on blockers in the run game in comparison to Witherspoon and Joey Porter Jr. Update: He was drafted in the 1st round 17th overall by New England Patriots

  8. Devon Witherspoon Illinois Jr CB 2 6-0 181

    Notes: Gonzalez is the smoother more athletic player. But Witherspoon is the more fundamentally sound, has great instincts, and is very competitive. He is just more lunch pale then Gonzalez. The criticism is he is just a little choppy and stiff in his transitions, but his instincts are what save him. Some think he may be slot corner in the NFL, and most teams are really hungry for the outside corner at picks as rich as the top 10. He could slip out of the top 10, maybe 20. He does ferociously play the run, not a diva CB.

  9. Anthony Richardson Florida Soph QB 4 6-4 244

    Notes: Completed 54% of his passes in college but is only up this high on the board because of his freakish athletic ability. If you confident you can turn an athlete into a QB, he could be a franchise player. If he goes somewhere where the coach is getting fired before he has time to sit him a year and coach him up, it could spell disaster not just for the coach, but Anthony as well.

  10. Bijan Robinson Texas Jr RB 1 5-11 215

    Notes: A great runner of the football and considered to be as explosive and hard to tackle and Saquan with the footwork and route running potential of a Christian McCaffrey. But how rich is too rich for a running back? Some say he could go as high as 5th overall. One thing is for certain he will be a weapon Day 1 where-ever he lands...Seems like an obvious no bust pick for any franchise. While his talent is in the top 10 of this draft, the current consensus among GM's of the NFL is that drafting running backs in the top 10 is not a value pick, so it is hotly debated if Bijan can go in the top 10, let alone the top 5

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