Naval Ravikant: AngelLists Secret to Success

updated 05 Jun 2023

In this conversation between the founder of AngelList, Naval Ravikant, and the host Sarah Lacey, they discuss the evolution of AngelList and its various initiatives. They started with a focus on fundraising and making it easier for startups to connect with investors. However, they found that Series A fundraising was more challenging than anticipated. They also explored small business equity capital but found limited success outside the tech industry. They then launched a talent platform, which has become significant for AngelList, connecting developers and designers from failed companies to startups that are recruiting. The talent platform has gained traction and has been successful in making quality connections. Currently, they do not charge for the talent platform but may consider charging in the future. They aim to prioritize startups and provide transparency in the recruitment process. They have curated a group of startups and aim to connect talent directly with founders or high-ranking individuals rather than going through traditional HR channels. The conversation also touches on the difficulty of hiring and the importance of actively searching for candidates. Overall, AngelList has expanded its services beyond fundraising to address different pain points for entrepreneurs and continues to evolve its offerings.

Naval Ravikant: The Secret To AngelList's Success