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updated 02 Sep 2023

Well hey it's August the 7th 2023. And, um... as of this recording, tomorrow on Tuesday radio WV is going to upload the debut of Rich men North to Richmond. And it's going to be the first song to get out there that's been recorded on the real microphone in the real camera. And not just on my cell phone. And Lord willing it's going to get some traffic and um maybe at least a few of you are going to drift your way over here. And I thought I'd have kind of an introduction video on um on what it is I'm aiming to do here. So uh, well, um....

It's a pleasure to meet you

Finding Music

I've been playing a long time and singing, I I really started to write my own music back in 2021.

Things were, things were obviously not good for a lot of people. And, um... and in some respects I was one of those people. And, uh... I had wasted a lot of nights getting high and getting drunk. And I had sort of gotten to a point in my life where even things that I did, I didn't care about, didn't mean anything to me anymore. And, um...

I mean this is certainly no Dr Phil episode, but I uh I've I found an outlet in this music.

I started uploading a couple songs and um you know, "Ain't Got a Dollar" I uploaded um spring last year. And Then uh "Rich Man's Gold", "Cobwebs and Cocaine", and the list goes on from there. And there's probably been about a dozen or so Originals. That I've put out just off my cell phone.

And, I started getting messages from people saying like how much the music was helping them, and you know with their struggles and their lives. And that they'd been sitting on the back porch listening to me for the last hour. And, it just uh,... I don't know it, it um... it really gave me a purpose. Tt made me feel like, um... Made me feel like I wasn't just wasting my time.

So, anyway,

kind of the last roller coaster the last year,... I have um,... I have decided that that this is this is going to be what I do um at all costs, no matter what I'm going to create. I'm going to write, create, and produce as much original authentic music as I can.

Um in the hopes that it, it,...that it'll at least help somebody out there that needs it.

On The Problems of Today

I know we're living in dark times and I know that this is this is really just the beginning of what's to come. and um

There's a lot of beautiful people in this world. And I meet a lot of awesome people every day, even back when I, back when I did work in the factory. You know I sing about selling my soul. And I am a ginger so I don't know if I have a soul to sell or not.

But, uh,.. I met a lot of good people, even back then working third shift 12 hours six days a week, And and now I spend a lot of time on job sites and I meet people from all across the country. And the universal thing I see is that it's like no matter how hard they push and and how much effort they put into whatever it is they're doing, they just can't quite get ahead because the dollar is not worth enough. It's being overtaxed.

People are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. So yeah, I, I want to be a voice for those people. And not just them just humans in general, and some of the struggles and the battles that they go through. And there'll be a lot of positive songs on here too. There already are some you know, "90 some Chevy" and "Between You and Me" and I mean even "Ain't got a Dollar" those are going to be fun songs. And there'll be plenty more like that...

I appreciate you, you taking the time to listen. And, and hopefully you like what you hear. My email is oliveranthonymusic gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you. I'll, I'll speak a few minutes on uh "Rich men North of Richmond" and then we'll hang this thing up. I don't want to chatter too long to you. Butm uh "Rich men north of Richmond", it you know it touches on my time in Western North Carolina. Working in the factory and um it talks about some people that live north of Richmond Virginia. Who I'm sure you're very well aware of. Who um who make life a little more difficult than it should be. Tt touches base on human trafficking and the atrocities.

On His Politics

I'll say this I I sit I sit pretty dead center down the aisle on politics and and always have. um

I remember as a kid the conservatives wanting war and and and me not understanding that and I remember I remember a lot of the controversies when the left took office and it seems like you know both sides serve the same master. And, and, and that Master is not someone of any good to the people of this country. But, I think one of the worst things that a human being can do is is take advantage of a child.

And I can't begin to conceptualize what has to happen to someone, in order for them to think that's okay. And I think I drew the line on being quiet when I started to see that becoming normalized. And I'll leave that at that.

On Suicide and Rich Men North of Richmond

In the last part of the song it touches,

on, on, um... on, on suicide rates, and on, and really on, mental health and depression.

There's no reason why young men or women in this country should be committing suicide.

There's obviously a problem you know people talk about epidemics in this country and the homeless homelessness and the drug use and the lack of skilled labor and the suicide rates. Those things aren't those aren't problems those are symptoms of a bigger Universal problem. And a lot of people know that it's common sense. But we don't talk about it enough. And maybe that is the problem. That maybe that is the problem today is we just don't talk enough Common Sense anymore. To know we've kind of went a little off the deep end.

So uh so yeah I guess I'll leave it at that. I hope wherever you are in the world listen to this and whatever it is that you're trying to do with your life, I hope that you I hope that you succeed at it.

And I hope if you take anything away from me, and the music I write, it's that this life is a is a beautiful opportunity, and I don't care where you are or what you've done, where you think your life's heading. Everything can change in a moment, as long as you're above the dirt you've got a Fighting Chance.

I'll say this and I'll go I uh, I spent a long time being angry and angry little agnostic Punk. And I remember talking about Sky Daddy and Cloud Papa and I would get so angry, about the concept of God. Because I I had sort of perverted what my vision of God was. Because I I looked at I looked at the religion of man as God and not and not God himself. but, um...

There is a Divine creator that loves you. And, and sometimes it takes falling down on your knees and getting ready to call things quits, before it becomes obvious that he's there. But he's always there, you just got to look out for him, and listen for him so I'll see you on the next one. And um,

and I love you guys and gals. And I'm I'm really appreciative of you listen to my music and giving me a voice. So Lord willing this is just the beginning. Hope you guys have a good night, bye!

- Oliver Anthony

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