Oliver Anthony and Joe Rogan on Rich Men North of Richmond

updated 02 Sep 2023

In this conversation between Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony, they discuss the success of Oliver's new song "Rich Men North of Richmond." They touch on various topics, including the unexpected popularity of the song, internet culture, the challenges of maintaining authenticity in music, and the scrutiny that comes with fame. Oliver also shares personal details about his background, the origin of his stage name "Oliver Anthony," and his journey into music. Throughout the conversation, they reflect on the nature of the internet and its impact on people's perceptions and discussions surrounding artists like Oliver.

Oliver Anthony and Joe Rogan on Rich Men North of Richmond

  1. The Surprising Success of the Song: Oliver Anthony discusses the unexpected popularity of his song "Rich Men North of Richmond" which gained widespread attention on the internet.

  2. Internet Culture and Virality: They talk about how the internet and social media can quickly propel something into the spotlight, generating both positive and negative attention.

  3. Authenticity in Music: Oliver emphasizes the importance of authenticity in his music, even though he acknowledges that his singing may not be technically perfect. He values the genuine and raw expression of his art.

  4. Online Scrutiny and Misinformation: The conversation highlights how the internet can lead to misunderstandings, misinformation, and even false information about an artist. Oliver shares examples of rumors and inaccuracies about himself that have circulated online.

  5. Identity and Stage Name: Oliver explains why he uses the stage name "Oliver Anthony" and its connection to his family history, particularly his grandfather.

  6. Mental Health and Anxiety: Oliver discusses how anxiety and self-doubt can hinder creative pursuits, and he mentions the mental challenges he faced while procrastinating before taking his music career seriously.

  7. The Competitive Nature of the Music Industry: They touch upon the competitiveness of the music industry and how pursuing a career in entertainment can be uncertain and anxiety-inducing.

  8. The Influence of the Internet on Perception: The conversation explores how the internet can shape public perceptions, with people forming opinions based on limited or incorrect information.

  9. Discussion on Cultural Sensibilities and Tribalism: They discuss how people often want others to share their tastes and beliefs, leading to tribalism and division in various aspects of life, including music and cultural sensibilities.

  10. Reflection on the Impact of Music: The discussion ends with a reflection on how music can provide a positive distraction and entertainment for people, offering a break from the challenges and issues in the world.