SEO Content Strategy That Drives Conversions

updated 14 Jun 2023

Shaun Els is a guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast, where he discusses creating a content strategy for websites. He emphasizes the importance of maximizing the value of each piece of content by utilizing it on various platforms such as landing pages, social media, and emails. Shaun has a background in web design and runs an SEO agency, giving him a well-rounded perspective on content creation. The podcast episode is sponsored by Search Intelligence, a company that specializes in building digital PR links. Shaun shares his journey into web design and SEO, starting with simple website building and eventually focusing on generating traffic through quality content and blogging.

SEO Content Strategy That Drives Conversions

Design First Approach

Money Pages

Niching Down and Supporting Content

Content Strategy

Content Themes

Repurposing Content

Email Marketing

Niche Site Applications